Church isn’t just a place to worship God, it’s also a place to serve Him. And one of the best ways to serve God is by taking care of the people around us. That might be bringing a hot meal to someone in need or simply being a good friend. Church members also volunteer to fill specific roles in their congregation like teaching Sunday School, playing music, organizing activities, or doing missionary work.

What Is Our Church Community Like?

Our congregations, called wards or branches, are made up of Church members in nearby neighborhoods. Your ward can become much like an extended family. You might have even heard members of our church call each other “brother” or “sister.”

Women’s group

The women’s group is called the Relief Society. And though you might not have heard of it, it’s one of the largest women’s organization in the world. It’s a sisterhood committed to helping those in need, building faith, and strengthening families. The Relief Society holds various social and service activities throughout the year. Come join us!

Men’s group

The men’s group is called Elders Quorum. As part of church, they meet together for faith-building lessons. One of their major responsibilities is service; they care for the widows, do yard work, or even haul furniture. They often arrange social activities, such as barbeques or sporting events.

Youth groups

Young men and women ages 12–17 have their own Sunday School classes during church. One evening a week, they meet for activities like hiking, sporting events, service projects, and lessons on life skills. They also have dances a few times a year.

Children’s classes

Children ages 3–11 attend a Sunday School class called Primary. On Sundays, Primary children sing songs, participate in fun learning activities, and have lessons about Jesus and His teachings.

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